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Rockwell Window Well Covers

Polycarbonate Window Well Covers

These window well covers are designed to keep out what you don't want and let through what you do. Made of strong polycarbonate, they can withstand 500 pounds of weight - perfect for preventing family members and pets from accidentally falling in. They are also excellent for keeping out fallen leaves, snow, and UV rays as well as obscuring the view into your basement. These window well covers still allow natural light in and are easily opened from the inside for quick escape in the event of an emergency.

These window well safety covers are durable and will prevent people and pets from accidentally falling into the window well. The polycarbonate covers can hold up to 500 lbs of weight and are effective at keeping your wells free from leaves and debris while still allowing natural sunlight to enter your basement.

Protects against accidental fall in.

Our clear polycarbonate covers are available for both the Elite and Premier window wells. They are constructed of a 10 mm fluted polycarbonate material with UV light protection.

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