Your wells are one of the distinguishing characteristics of my upscale homes.  People always recognize them and comment, etc.  Very pleased with them.

Luke Wilson

I appreciate all your help and patience . . . I obviously picked the right manufacturer when these were bought.

Randy Van Norden

Working with you all has been a great asset to us, we are so fortunate to be working with you and your company!

Gwen & John Saxe

I’m finally done installing the window well I purchased from  you guys a while back.   I wanted to drop a note saying how easy it was to install and how great looking it is.  It makes all the difference.  Sure beats the metal ones and any other ones I’ve seen.  I’m glad I ran across your product!


Thanks again for all your help and patience answering all of my questions.  I can’t remember when I have had such amazing customer service. From you to the girl I spoke with on the phone to coordinate my Thursday evening pick-up to the gentlemen who helped load and tie down my wells to my trailer so they would make it home alright.  The experience has been excellent!

I finished installing my wells this weekend and they look great!  Thanks again for everything.

John Corbett

You’re right!  It’s great.  I installed Thursday.  Looks really good.  It was much easier than I thought.  Thanks for being so responsive and accessible.

Eddie M.

My husband and I cannot thank you enough for helping us out with this. It’s refreshing to know that there are businesses out there who truly have integrity and care about the safety of their customers.

Colleen and Andy LacyWebster, New York

We purchased Rockwell Window wells for our home and they turned out fabulous! I would highly recommend them. The warm look and feel of Rockwell vs. the old and cold feel of metal window wells changes the entire look and feel of our entire basement!

Natalie T.

This big window has made all of the difference. Even on rainy days, there’s lots of light coming in. It’s not like a basement anymore.

Pat Smith