How To Do Just About Anything…

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Over the past year we’ve talked about how to do just about anything. Here are a few topics you can use as a resource if you sense some basement woes coming on or feel like your basement is getting a little boring.

Using Lamps for Light

How to use your basement to increase resale value

Increasing Resale Value: Part I
Increasing Resale Value Part II
Increasing Resale Value Part III

How to design basement space

How to Design a Basement Space
How to Design a Basement Bedroom
How to Design a Basement Office
How to Design a Living Space, Basement Style

How to make your basement space more interesting

Add texture:

Adding Texture to Enhance a Room
Adding Texture to Interior Walls
Using Carpet to Add Texture
Using Stone to Add Texture

Add Light:

Let There Be Light: Natural vs. Artificial
Let There Be Light: Lamps
Let There Be Light: Ceiling vs. Wall Lights
Why Window Wells? Lighting

How to give your basement purpose

Concrete Trees Basement Design

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The Multi-Purpose Basement
Customizing Your Basement For Living
Customize The Basement For Entertaining

How to use your basement for entertaining

That’s Entertainment! Install a Kitchenette
That’s Entertainment: Modular/Rearrangeable Furniture
Customize The Basement For Entertaining